PTP Audio Unviels Solid9 and Solid12 Idler Drive Turntables

June 24, 2012

“PTP Audio idler drive turntables built by Peter Reinders introduces the new Solid9 and Solid12 decks “to bring the idler drive renaissance out into the open. Idler drive turntables have a loyal cult following but are largely ignored by mainstream audio. It is our mission to change that. PTP Audio knows that idlers can sound absolutely fantastic but we also know about the disadvantages which owning a 40-year old machine can pose. The solution we created is a unique mix of yesterday and today. We take the drive system from a vintage Lenco, restore it to its former glory and combine it with the best modern technology has to offer such as an extremely stiff base laser-cut from stainless steel and an elegant but very substantial plinth made from CNC machined composite material. All Solid9 and Solid12 turntables are made to order, available in a wide range of colours and assembled by hand. The result is a turntable that has the sonic signature of an idler drive but the looks and reliability we expect today. PTP Audio is based in Amsterdam, Holland.”"

Source: 6moons