PS Audio Introduces Affordable NuWave DAC

September 29, 2012

PS Audio Inc., a Colorado based manufacturer of high-end audio products, announced today the introduction of the NuWave Digital to Analog Converter, the first of a new breed of high-end processors from the company.

Based on the acclaimed PerfectWave series, the NuWave DAC (NWD) accepts inputs from any digital source including USB (up to 192kHz 24 bit asynchronous) from any computer with either single ended (RCA) or balanced (XLR) connections.

Used with PS Audio’s free eLyric Music Manager software and iPhone app (or any music manager) the NuWave can stream any resolution audio in bit-perfect fashion.


• 192kHz 24 bit TI DAC engine
• Fully discrete high voltage class A analog electronics
• Native mode
• Advanced upsampling engine
• Balanced outputs
• XMOS based 192kHz 24 bit asynchronous USB input
• Fully balanced design
• Shipping November 2012
• MSRP $995

Native Mode and SRC

PS Audio’s unique “Native” listening mode delivers the most natural, spacious, and detailed sound possible by bypassing the upsampling processor completely. “Native” mode converts bit-for-bit information coming into the DAC to its fullest, most accurate and natural reproduction possible and is exclusive on PS Audio products.

If the user wishes to upsample, a new high-performance upsampling engine has been added to the NWD providing 192kHz 24 bit performance for any input and any incoming sample rate.

192kHz 24 asynchronous USB

The NWD features PS Audio’s new high-resolution USB path based on the same XMOS technology found in the company’s PerfectWave DAC. Asynchronous and capable of 24 bit 192kHz performance, the NWD USB input sounds every bit as good as the best digital audio.

Using a high quality USB cable between the NWD and your computer, like a quiet Mac Mini, users can create an instant media server that can be controlled through any number of hand held devices like an iPod, iPhone or Android using a 3d party controller program.

Active vs. Passive Filtering

DACs tradionally use an active filtering system to clean up the output of the internal DAC but PS Audio believes this can add a harsh bright sound to the music. The NWD instead uses all passive analog filtering giving the output a sweet open sound unencumbered with harsh digital artifacts.

FET Discrete Output Stage

Chip op-amps are used by the vast majority of all high-end DACS and while good, they just don’t have the openness and analog-like quality of an all discrete design.

The NWD features a 100% class A discrete, high voltage, direct coupled FET based output stage with low noise bipolar transistors for the gain and output stage.

It’s Built in Boulder

The NWD is in a new industrial design based on the PerfectWave series. It’s half width of a PWD and the same length. Measurements are 8.5″ wide by 14″ deep and a mere 2 1/4″ tall.

This beauty feels just right when you pick it up, its build as solid as it gets and best of all, it’s hand crafted right in Boulder, Colorado.

Source: Press Release