Primare I22 Integrated Amplifier

December 26, 2012

KN has posted a review of the Primare I22 integrated amplifier ($1795) at His conclusions:

“It would seem that my review of the I22 comes across as being rather unfavorable. Far from it really – despite the shaky initial start, I was quite impressed with what was on offer from such a minimalist package.

That said, my own experiences with the amplifier suggests that the I22 could have communicated more, so within the context of system matching, potential punters might want to take longer to evaluate its suitability. I believe given the right set of circumstances, the I22 is well-capable of delivering the goods.

So take a good hard listen and reflect – the inherent properties of the Primare I22 could well make it a diamond in the rough.”

You can read the full review here.