Peachtree Audio Grand Integrated X-1 Amplifier

October 24, 2012

Michael Lavorgna has posted a review of the Peachtree Audio Grand Integrated X-1 amplifier ($4499) at AudioStream. His conclusions:

“It bears repeating that the Grand Integrated is really four products in one—a line-level preamplifier with an optional tube-buffered output stage, a 400W Class D amp, a headphone amp, and a DAC with Asynchronous USB and S/PDIF inputs. Add truly full-range performance, iron-fisted grip on low frequency information that can rattle your home’s bones, lighting-fast transient speed that startles with lifelike snap, dynamic aplomb that’ll swing with any orchestra’s every note, and all of this is delivered without bleaching out music’s tonal palette in a rugged and pleasingly subdued silver package. For those people looking to simplify without giving up on performance, I believe the folks at Peachtree have given you one difficult product to pass by. ”

You can read the full review here.