Paradigm Introduces 30th Anniversary Inspiration and Tribute Loudspeakers

September 12, 2012

Paradigm Electronics Inc. an international leader in speaker design and manufacturing is releasing a stunning 30th Anniversary Edition Series. Finished in a stunning Dark Garnet Gloss the celebratory offering (the first of its kind for the company) will be available as a true limited edition — once sold out, there will be no additional production. Since its beginnings in 1982, Paradigm has controlled the audio spotlight with its ability to consistently win awards and rave reviews for audio excellence in each new generation of its speakers. With affordability still key and despite its limited edition status, the offering showcases the company’s groundbreaking developments in speaker design and technology. It is primed to maintain Paradigm as the forerunner in the affordable high-end audio market, designed, manufactured and even hand-finished in the company’s Canadian facility.

The run will include a limited edition of the floorstanding Tribute and bookshelf/standmounted Inspiration (stand to be announced). Left and right pair matching will be a prime consideration with cosmetics and measurements held to the company’s exclusive reference standard. “This limited edition series highlights the brand, showcases what we’ve learned and celebrates our staying power in an industry that has seen specialty audio manufacturers fall by the wayside. 30 years ago we were making speakers in the founder’s garage, today we have a 225,000-square-foot Canadian factory, a 36,000-cubic-foot anechoic chamber and we’re still making speakers right here at home. It’s also a way of saying thank you to the army of faithful Paradigm Dealers, Distributors and their customers, most have been with us since the beginning. We’ve never been an elitist brand; we’re about opening people’s eyes to the incredible emotion stirred by high fidelity, with the onus firmly on affordability. Here’s to another 30 years,” says Mark Aling, Senior Director of Marketing at Paradigm.

Higher, lower, louder! Performance targets for the series have been set higher. The sensational pure-beryllium (P-Be™) dome tweeter from the company’s Signature Series makes an appearance, bringing with it exceptional thermal, physical and mechanical properties. It’s interesting to note that Paradigm is the only brand on the market offering a pure beryllium dome tweeter (undiluted by other compounds) in this price range. High-frequency response is truly instantaneous, the most uniform to date and breathtakingly extended. The over-molded corrugated surround technology on woofers delivers the deepest, most articulate bass to date. Updated cone cosmetics include carbon black bass cones with matching dust caps and C-PAL™ carbon-anodized pure-aluminum bass/midrange and dedicated midrange cones with phase plugs to match.

A chrome-plated carbon steel plinth cradles the floorstanding Tribute and will include inhouse design and cutting on the polished, adjustable outrigger feet. A recessed acoustic profile is evident on faceplates, trim pieces and terminal cups, all done in carbon-black machined aluminum. Even the cabinets were designed, manufactured and hand-finished in the Canadian facility. Each speaker features an elegant numbered plaque marking it as an anniversary series piece. Corollary pieces such as Owners Manuals for these two speakers have been earmarked for special treatment.

30th Anniversary Tribute

5-driver, 3-way floorstanding: 3x 7˝ carbon bass cones, 7˝ C-PAL™ carbon-anodized purealuminum dedicated midrange cone, 1˝ P-Be™ pure beryllium dome tweeter. Estimated US FMV: $2,999/each

30th Anniversary Inspiration

2-driver, 2-way bookshelf/stand mounted: 7˝ C-PAL™ carbon-anodized pure-aluminum bass/midrange cone, 1˝ P-Be™ pure beryllium dome tweeter. Stand to be announced. Estimated US FMV: $1,249/each.