Onkyo Ships New DP-X1 Portable Digital Audio Player

April 13, 2016


Bringing hi-res portable music to consumers, Onkyo today announced the retail availability of its new digital audio player, the DP-X1 (MSRP $899.99). The hi-res unit will be MQA-enabled via a free update tomorrow to its native Music app making it one of the world’s first MQA-enabled portable digital audio players. Music lovers attending the AXPONA Expo can get a hands-on demo of the DP-X1 in the Onkyo Booth 7 in the Michigan Ballroom at the Weston O’Hare.

MQA is a revolutionary end-to-end technology that captures and delivers master quality audio in a file that’s small enough to stream or download. And because it’s fully authenticated, the listener can be sure they are hearing exactly what the artist recorded and approved in the studio.

When listening to MQA on the DP-X1, the MQA display indicates that the product is decoding and playing an MQA stream or file and a green light signifies that the sound is identical to that of the source material. MQA Studio shows a blue light when it is playing a file which has either been approved in the studio by the artist/producer or has been verified by the copyright owner.

X-DAP Link music transfer application*1 with MQA support to be released soon.

Note: The current build will display MQA files as FLAC/WAV, but once transferred to the DP-X1 will properly display MQA or MQA Studio.

Bob Stuart, MQA’s creator, commented on the Onkyo launch. “We are very excited to launch MQA on the Onkyo DP-X1. The MQA sound on the portable player is truly breathtaking. With more MQA music in the market very soon, Onkyo customers will be amongst the first to truly experience the wonders of MQA. It’s an exciting time for MQA partners and music lovers everywhere.”

About OnkyoMusic

With webstores available in the U.S., Germany and the United Kingdom, OnkyoMusic is a leading hi-res digital music provider, which provides all downloads as FLAC and MQA. FLAC is an audio format that compresses audio without any loss in quality. Enjoy the DP-X1 with MQA and listen to studio master quality audio. Please visit www.onkyomusic.com for further details.

About DP-X1

Based on Android™ OS, the DP-X1 digital audio player supports many High Res Audio formats, up to DSD 11.2MHz, 384kHz/24bit FLAC/WAV audio files, and now MQA. With years of experience in building audio components, the DP-X1 contains many design initiatives dedicated to “Pure Sound”. To isolate sources of internal noise, the Audio circuit board and CPU board are built on separate boards. The Audio circuit design uses ESS technology’s SABRE DAC ES9018K2M and SABRE 9601K amp in a dual setup with a 2.5mm 4 pole jack for full balance output with support for normal BTL balance and Active Control GND drive, a first for the product category. With the ability to expand its storage up to 432GB and access to Google Play, the DP-X1 was built for expansion beyond the built-in functions

Source: Press Release