Neotech NEI-1002 OCC Silver Interconnect Cable

October 10, 2012

Roy Harris has posted a review of the Neotech NEI-1002 OCC silver interconnect ($850) at Audiophilia. His conclusions:

“What this cable demonstrated to me is that what I considered as poorly recorded discs may, in many cases be a consequence of issues in other components of a stereo system. I learned that it is possible to attain resolution without losing some level of richness or solidity of instruments, and without a peak in the treble. The resolution manifested itself as greater microdynamics and speed, the presence of instrumental decay, and the presence of subtle, low (sound pressure) level musical detail. Further, with an increase in extension at both ends of the frequency range, instruments such as drums, acoustic and electric basses were more prominent and/or had greater impact. In some instances, instruments sounded less timbrally inaccurate.

The Neotech cable exhibited a balanced frequency response and low distortion. Therefore, none of the negative characteristics associated with silver wire were not a factor. Of course, the cable will not render a stereo system lush or provide any euphonic coloration(s), as it is very close to being an invisible component.”

You can read the full review here.