NAD M50 Music Streamer and M52 Music Server

June 13, 2013


Rene van Es has posted a review of the NAD M50 music streamer (£2000) and M52 music server (£2200) at The Ear. His conclusions:

“For those readers who look at the conclusion first I will present the results of the M50 compared to other streaming products and/or to analogue. I can be very brief about the M50. Anyone using a Logitech or any other comparable digital music player that’s looking for something better needs an M50. When playing decent ripped files it will surpass many CD players, even top quality SACD players. Finally music streaming over Ethernet is comparable with high end analogue equipment, but a lot easier to handle, without noise and without damage over time. A NAD M50 combined with a NAS drive or M52 means you can your CD collection in the attic for good, you need never look back to the silver disc. Those not willing to pay so much should visit a dealer later this year for the new mystery brand, ask for loudspeakers with wi-fi to play your music wherever you like, or modules that replace a normal stereo system to play music from central storage over existing loudspeakers. Use your tablet to control your personal jukebox. But to get back to the M50, it is not only an extremely good digital music player, I would say it is a major step for the audiophile mankind.”

You can read the full review here.