NAD C 375DAC Integrated Amplifier-DAC

October 1, 2012

Sathyan Sundaram has posted a review of the NAD C 375DAC Integrated Amplifier-DAC ($1599) at GoodSound? His conclusions:

“At its founding, NAD stated its commitment to three values that, they said, the audio industry had lost sight of: performance, value, and simplicity. Forty years later, the C 375DAC is evidence of their continued commitment to these values. I was continually impressed by the C 375DAC’s sound, and by its ability to deliver tremendous power when needed, without sacrificing delicacy or accuracy. Across a variety of musical selections, the NAD provided clarity, bass extension, and exceptionally speedy response to dynamic changes.

The NAD combines a preamp, power amp, USB DAC, and headphone amp into a reasonably priced package. In fact, it would be easy — even without going to Ultra Audio levels — to spend $1599 on any one of those four component categories. Furthermore, the USB DAC — in some ways an afterthought, as the original MDC module was a phono stage — doesn’t let down the rest of the amp. Finally, it’s simple to use. I’ve spent more time with home-theater equipment than with audio-only gear, and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was up and running with the C 375DAC.

None of this would matter if the sound were subpar, but I found it involving, detailed, musical, and versatile. The C 375DAC breathed new life into my speakers, headphones, and recordings. The DAC is a welcome addition that will allow many to forgo the expense of a standalone DAC. As the audio industry seems to be moving toward computer-based playback of hi-rez audio, the NAD C 375DAC should find a place in many listeners’ audio racks.”

You can read the full review here.