ModWright Modded Oppo BDP-105 Universal Blu-ray Player

April 17, 2013


Srajan Ebaen has posted a review of the ModWright modded Oppo BDP-105 ($3495) at 6moons. His conclusions:

“• What the modified Oppo 105 isn’t: Sharp. Fast. Incisive. Airy. Pale. Flat. Nervous. Hyper. Lean. Lightweight. Monochromatic. Energetic. Lit up. Ultra resolved, separated or focused. A player with an average tacked-on valve buffer.
• What it is: Slightly soft on leading edges, image outlines and bass control. Dense. Generous. Relaxed. Midrange-y and even mildly bassy, i.e. very extended in the bass if not ultimately taut in the bottom octaves. Richly saturated. Colorful. Physical. Very responsive to tube rolling including the rectifier. Super featured but still sonically competitive with modern €3.000 super DACs which themselves compete against pricier fare. Visually unannoying with a display that can be fully extinguished (alas not the piercingly bright blue LED of the PSU). Endowed with proper gain and drive to seem ideal also for affordable passive preamps like this Khozmo. I’d say particularly so if the amps are of the SET variety. ”

You can read the full review here.