Luminous Audio Technology Power Mega Lynx Power Cord

January 3, 2013

Roy Harris has posted a review of the Luminous Audio Technology Power Mega Lynx power cord ($639) at Audiophilia. His conclusions:

“In my personal listening, naturalness of timbre is my primary goal. I am willing to sacrifice performance with respect to other attributes of sound. Incidentally, when listening to other discs, before and after the review, I did not notice any midrange forwardness.

It is impossible to establish the cause of an event when there two possible variables — the component and/or the recording, either of which could be the source of the occurrence. Therefore, the issue of neutrality or lack thereof, cannot be determined.

I would still consider this power cord suitable for almost any stereo system. While it is not a panacea for a bright or ‘dark’ sounding system, it should not exacerbate these conditions. Further, stereo systems which are well balanced and not problematical, should profit from its strengths, which I have already indicated…
As a reviewer, I would not hesitate to use these power cords with my VTL monoblocks, in spite of a possible instance of forwardness, since he recording may be the source of the problem rather than power cord.”

You can read the full review here.