Lounge Audio LCR MK3 Phono Stage and Copla Step-Up Preamplifier

March 21, 2016


Frederic Beudot has posted a review of the Lounge Audio LCR MK3 phono stage ($300) and Copla step-up preamplifier ($270) at 6moons. His conclusions:

“To be fully transparent, my first conclusion was to award the LCRMk3 because it is an outstanding MM phono preamp with no equal I know of at its price; but to withhold the award for the Copla because of the low-level hum and need for additional cables. But considering that Lounge now include perfectly matched jumpers if you buy both units together and have a very cost-effective solution to hum in systems where it might appear, I have no reason not to grant a Blue Moon award to both components, individually and jointly. Sonically they are outstanding and will allow you to truly enjoy the best which your MC cartridges have to offer.”

You can read the full review here.

Note: It is 6moons’ policy to only review products of manufacturers who buy advertising on its website. The full details of 6moons policy can be viewed here.