Lavardin IS Integrated Amplifier

October 7, 2013


Steve Dickinson has posted a review of the Lavardin IS integrated amplifier (£1999) at Hi-Fi+. His conclusions:

“For the money, I can’t think of an amp that does delicate or subtle better than the Lavardin IS. Interestingly, a quick comparison with the (£3,000) IS Reference version shows that the slight tendency to flatten detail is much less apparent in the dearer amp and, given the extra funds, the IS Ref is definitely to be preferred. But at around the £2,000 mark, the IS has little serious competition. The lack of wrongness I alluded to at the beginning of this review, the honest-to-goodness rendering of the signal, irrespective of level, is the Lavardin’s single greatest attribute. It is beautiful when the music is beautiful, but it doesn’t invent that beauty by overlaying ”

You can read the full review here.