Koda Takumi K70 Power Amplifier

August 16, 2012

Vaughan Warren has posted a review of the Koda Takumi K70 power amplifier at Innerworld Audio. His conclusions:

“This is a sound one used to only dream of. An undemanding, natural soundscape to listen to, that ebbs and flows like a tide on a shore of contentment. It really begs the question ‘is this perfection?’ Well, if nothing can ever be perfect this creation certainly does not leave me wanting for more insight; more music, well yes, as you will rediscover what you thought you knew about your music collection. Such is the ease with which the K70 elevates all other components connected to it; I am eternally grateful for the genius that is Robert Koda – ‘Maestro’ indeed!!!”

You can read the full review here.