Kingsound King III Electrostatic Loudspeaker

March 6, 2013


Doug Schroeder has posted a review of the Kingsound King III electrostatic loudspeakers ($12,000/pair) at Dagogo. His conclusions:

“However, the King III is a big, fat slice of SOTA performance. If not for the existence of the KS-30, King Sound’s 30th anniversary version which is 25% larger and a three-way design at $30K, I would be tempted to say the King III is the embodiment of SOTA performance. It has world class sound quality that a normal audiophile can own for a tenth of the price. I realize that sounds outrageous, but the King III is an outrageously superior performer. In terms of pursuit of the finest sound in Panel speakers there is no better money to be spent on a Panel speaker under $20K than the King III. The King ESL stood tall among other Panel peers, but the King III stands alone. My conclusions about the King III stated here may stand alone as well, but this has never bothered me. What has often bothered me greatly is not being able to obtain extreme sound quality at a relatively affordable price! Having used the King III for months and realizing just how incredible are its performance capabilities I am tempted to kiss the plywood and plastic and praise King’s Audio effusively for not making it a $25K ode to excess! It has easily and definitively replaced the King as my reference Panel speaker.”

You can read the full review here.