Indy Audio Labs Unveils Acurus ACT-4 Preamp/Processor

July 15, 2013


Indy Audio Labs is the first US-based company to have web-enabled all of their product offerings from two brands, Aragon and Acurus, in the high-performance audio separates market. Now they’re preparing to launch a lineup of complementary pre-amps and home theater processors that are web-enabled and integrate fully with their current amplifier offerings. These revolutionary new products are being positioned by the company as “the first separate pre-amps and pre-pros designed to meet the needs and expectations of today’s mobile generation”. Indy Audio Labs’ proprietary web-enabling technology, dubbed “E2C” for “Enhanced Ethernet Control”, allows all of their products to be recognized by and talk to other devices on the home network.

The first of the new models to launch is the Acurus ACT-4, a 7.1 home theater pre-amp processor. The ACT-4 is the modern successor in a long line of affordable made-in-USA pre-amps and processors delivered by Acurus over the past 20 years. Acurus products garnered a reputation for ease of use and high performance. The ACT-4 provides all the modern HD audio and movie formats and incorporates the latest-spec HDMI features. Unlike most competitors, the ACT-4 offers both the end-user and the installer a rich User Interface (UI) that rivals the latest mobile devices in appearance and ease of operation.

According to Ted Moore, Indy Audio Labs’ CTO, “People today are accustomed to rich UI experiences on their smartphones, tablets, and in their vehicles. Even special-purpose devices like thermostats and refrigerators have attractive, intuitive, web-based interfaces. While many competitors in home AV still rely on antiquated 2-line character displays, today’s customers expect much more, especially from a piece of high-end gear. We’ve integrated a front-panel touch screen that more closely resembles a mobile phone with full-color graphics and simple-to-comprehend icons.”

In late 2011, Indy Audio Labs began carving its place in the high-performance separates market by delivering new Aragon and Acurus amplifiers that are made in the USA and feature web-based interfaces that make setup and operation simpler than ever. With the introduction of these new pre-amp models, Indy Audio Labs offers its customers complete, fully integrated high-performance separates with direct mobile interactivity.

Joe Land, Director of Engineering, adds “To provide our customers with the modern interface they want, we’ve built-in a rich graphic display in our new pre-amps and home theater processors that provides the level of convenience and control modern customers have come to expect. Our rich UI is accessible not only from the front panel of the unit but also through our web-app, built into every product we make. This saves time and reduces the typical hassles associated with setup and operation of an AV system.”

Indy Audio Labs reports that internal functional demos of the ACT-4 have already begun in Indianapolis with public demonstrations and field tests to follow in August and September, just prior to CEDIA Expo 2013 in Denver. The highly anticipated ACT-4 sells for $3999 US MSRP and will be on demo at CEDIA EXPO where the company will take orders for delivery later this year. Indy Audio Labs is exhibiting in booth 1520 at CEDIA EXPO 2013 in Denver Colorado on September 25-28th, 2013.

Source: Press Release