High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Enhanced Cables

February 18, 2013


Norm Luttbeg has posted a review of the High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Enhanced cables ($1400-2800) at Stereo Times. His conclusions:

“Yes, I know these are expensive cables, but they’re hardly the most expensive cables I’ve heard. Yes, you may not be as taken by them as I am, but if at all possible, you should give them a listen anyway. Yes, they take a long time to reach their full potential making any evaluation difficult. In fact, I doubt if I have heard their full potential yet. But here’s hoping I’m in for much more improvement. Personally, I know of no other way to get the realism in music reproduction I’m getting other than with these cables. I could not recommend them more highly.”

You can read the full review here.