Hegel H70 Integrated Amplifier

March 3, 2012

Wojciech Pacuła has posted a review of the Hegel H70 integrated amplifier (~€1450) at High Fidelity. His conclusions:

“At the same time I know exactly who will not like this amplifier. When somebody wants to “know” everything very precisely, prefers attack, contour, detail above saturation, this is not an amplifier for him or her. Also when we like the sound of strong cymbals, or the lightening of the sound stage is more important for us than its continuity (unfortunately, as always, we need to choose, compromises are inevitable), then we need to search elsewhere.

But when we like fullness, smoothness, naturalness and above all when in our music collection it is rock, electronics, etc., that dominate and we want to hear it in full glory, the Hegel should be a mandatory listen. And we get a good DAC for free, as well as an USB input”

You can read the full review here.