Frank Acoustics PB-15000Ws Power Bank Storage Power Conditioner

February 20, 2014


Stephen Yan has posted a review of the Frank Acoustics PB-15000Ws Power Bank Storage power conditioner ($2600) at Stereo times. His conclusions:

“In the end, if you like the effects of Frank Voon’s unique creation, there is no other substitute for it. For there is simply no other product on the market, anywhere in the world, that does what it does in the way it does it. Suffice it to say that I really find the PB15000Ws an indispensable addition to my arsenal of system tuning tools, and I would not be surprised that the addition of a second, or even a third unit, would give further benefit, as other audiophiles in Frank’s hometown of Malaysia have attested to. I wish I had more time and more units with which to complete this review, but as it is, Frank’s single PB15000Ws has already more than earned a permanent place in my system.”

You can read the full review here.