Focal Chorus 836 W Prestige Loudspeakers

February 29, 2012

Doug Schneider has posted a review of the Focal Chorus 836 W Prestige loudspeakers ($/pair) at SoundStage Hi-Fi! His conclusions:

“First, there’s the distinctive styling and the various side-panel finishes, one of which, Red Carmin, I love for its bold good looks. Then there’s the sound, which mirrors that bold look: powerful, lively, and spirited, but with a big sound the 836 W can call its own, and refined touches that reveal the speaker’s high-end pedigree. One of those touches is that little emphasis just above the presence region, which gives the sound a bit of the life and snap that help make the music come alive. But there’s no boost in the highest frequencies — instead, in my system, the top end sounded highly detailed and very refined, erring more to the polite than to the bright side, which most audiophiles will find a very good thing. The 836 W’s bass shelved off in my room at about 35Hz, but everything above that was reproduced with serious power and impact, and the two speakers had no trouble charging up my very large listening room. Only a real bass freak will be left wanting more. But what most impressed me about the 836 W was its rich midrange — gorgeous and full, it wonderfully walked the fine line between musicality and detail, never crossing it to make the music sound chesty or overblown. It reminded me of speakers costing much more. ”

You can read the full review here.