Focal 807w Prestige Loudspeakers

April 15, 2012

Philip Beaudette has posted a review of the Focal 807W loudspeakers ($1599) at SoundStage! Hi-Fi. His conclusions:

“With its contemporary good looks, spacious sound, and extended highs, Focal’s new Chorus 807 W Prestige will be a welcome addition to many listening rooms. Incorporating technology trickled down from Focal’s flagship Utopia series, this bookshelf model will provide its owner with a taste of what the best has to offer at a considerably lower price. The pair of them sounded wonderful with all varieties of music, and did a very good job of extracting detail without sounding too dry or analytical. If you’re in the market for new speakers and want something that will make a bold visual statement while bringing your music collection to life, listen to a pair of Focal’s Chorus 807 W Prestiges.”

You can read the full review here.

You can read my review of the Focal Chorus 807 W Prestige loudspeakers here.