Esoteric K-05 SACD Player

June 22, 2012

“Teac’s high-end division announces the K-05 CD/SACD player slash outboard DAC for decoding your digital audio stored on PC, MAC or media server [$3.800]. This device utilizes the highly regarded VRDS mechanism for playing any form of CD or SACD. It also is fitted with two of the best AKM 4399 DAC chips in a dual differential design. This new product is an upgraded replacement for the X-05. “New in the K-05 is an improved voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VXCO) clock generator with its own dedicated power supply for greater accuracy and stability. Like its bigger siblings K-01 and K-03, the K-05 has multiple D/D conversion capabilities. Material played or streamed via the 24/192 asynchronous USB input can be upsampled to as high as 176.4kHz at 32 bits or up-converted to DSD before running through the D/A converters. Five separate digital filters offer customization to personal taste. The 32-bit DACs allow preamp-less use with a 32-bit digital attenuator.”

Source: 6moons