ENIGMAcoustics Sopranino Electrostatic Supertweeter

September 4, 2014


Terry London has posted a review of the ENIGMAcoustics Sopranino electrostatic supertweeter ($3690) at HomeTheater Review. His conclusions:

“If you are looking to improve the sound quality of your speakers, I have no doubt that using the ENIGMAcoustic Sopranino super-tweeters would improve your speakers’ soundstaging and ability to produce more details and top-end air, especially if your speakers have some of the shortcomings already discussed in the review. The Sopranino super-tweeter is a beautifully built and easy-to-use addition to your speaker. ENIGMAcoustic offers an in-home trial to audition the Sopranino to see if it gives your system the benefits I heard with certain speakers.”

You can read the full review here.

You can read my review of the ENIGMAcoustics Sopranino Electrostatic supertweeter here.