ENIGMAcoustics Mythology M1 Loudspeaker

March 2, 2015


Srajan Ebaen has posted a follow up to his review of the ENIGMAcoustics M1 loudspeaker ($14,690/pair with stands) at 6moons. His conclusions:

“[T]he M1 is really an ├╝berstager. Already monitor speakers excel at this soundstage discipline. The Sopranino’s ambient restoration function simply pushes that even further. Its relatively shallow high-pass extends its response sufficiently low to still capture the upper harmonics of many instruments. That and the improved off-axis response create good harmonic saturation. From the other end, the 180mm mid/woofer builds it out from the fundamental upward particularly if goosed by an advanced muscle amp at its lower end and through the power region.”

You can read the full review here.

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