EMM Labs Introduces New MTRX Monoblock Amplifiers

August 7, 2013


EMM Labs is proud to introduce at the Hong Kong High End Show 2013 its new MTRX mono-block amplifiers. The MTRX mono-blocks were built using Ed Meitner’s wealth of amplifier building experience at Museatex, A/D/S and Orion.

More than a decade in the making the MTRX mono-blocks uses Ed Meitner’s new proprietary, fully discrete ultra low distortion amplification systems. Still in prototype form the MTRX reference mono-blocks are fully balanced Class A/B amplifiers conservatively rated at 1500 Watts per channel.

Fast, dynamic and totally transparent they are fully capable of driving even difficult loads down to 1-Ohm without distortion.

The MTRX mono-blocks confidently announces Ed Meitner’s return to high end amplifier design.

The MTRX Final finished products, full specifications and pricing to be announced at CES 2014.

Source: Press Release