Elekit TU-8200-DX Integrated Amplifier Kit

February 3, 2015


Tim Smith has posted a review of the Elekit TU-8200-DX integrated amplifier kit ($725) at Wall of Sound. His conclusions:

“The Elekit TU-8200-DX is a perfect solution for those seeking a world-class sub-$1,000 headphone amplifier, or a sub-$1,000 single ended loudspeaker amplifier–or both! If Victor Kung did not need this demo amp to take to the Chicago show, I certainly would have bought it. As much as I love my $500 (including shipping, exchange rate) Musical Paradise MP-301 mk3, the Elekit is on another level. True, it costs more, but to me it’s worth it. This is the type of amplifier one can listen to all day long with no fatigue whatsoever. This is a gem of an amplifier. Highly recommended.”

You can read the full review here.

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