E.A.T. E-Go Tonearm

November 30, 2012

“Josefina Lichtenegger reports that her new E-Go tone arm is “based on the Graham Phantom II Supreme but personalised for E.A.T applications. Evolved from the acclaimed Phantom, it features new internal wiring for better detail retrieval and improved freedom from any mechanical resistance; an upgraded pivot design for even greater dynamics; and a new titanium wand. Of primary importance is Magneglide™, which transforms and optimises unipivot tonearm behaviour. It’s a patented magnetic stabilisation system in which lateral stability and a portion of the damping are provided by powerful neodymium magnets placed in a horizontal line from the pivot point of the tonearm. As added bonus the Magneglide™ system also permits the application of anti-skate through the magnetic coupling of the design, eliminating any direct contact or possible resonance to affect the main pivot assembly of the tonearm. The anti-skate system is easily adjusted either by a thumb-wheel rotation or sliding motion of the bias weight for minute adjustments from near-zero force to >3g. Enthusiasts with a selection of cartridges for different purposes will relish the ease of setup. The arm tube is interchangeable and easily removable to pre-mount cartridges on spare arm tubes. Thanks to a patented alignment system, it offers the safety, convenience and accuracy of cartridge installation and alignment away from the turntable, enabling quick interchange of multiple pre-mounted cartridges. Its counterweight accommodates a wide range of cartridge weights.”

Source: 6moons