Devialet Unveils New 110, 170 and 240 Amplifiers

May 10, 2013


With the new Devialet 110, 170 and 240 range, Devialet has improved a million details to perfect the product experience and offer new development options in the future. Outside of the ADH unit, which has not changed, the mother board has been entirely rerouted. New USB and Ethernet inputs, improved jitter control for digital inputs, new line and phono inputs, new signal processing unit, ever more reactive and more powerful (peak) power supply, support to integrate room correction in the future, and an operating temperature reduced yet again, by 10°C, ensuring enhanced reliability and lower electrical consumption.
Select the future of your D-Premier

Here at Devialet, we aim to ensure that all those having purchased a D-Premier can fully benefit from this good news. We have therefore designed a range of updates to meet your expectations.

As early as October, you will be able to transform your D-Premier into a Devialet 240 thanks to the “My Devialet forever” campaign at an exceptional rate. The update will be available directly on the Devialet site, and will be applied at the Devialet plant in Normandy.
Complete electronics update: less than €3,500 inc. V.A.T.

Complete replacement of electronics (motherboard including V5 power unit, DUET V5 card, V5 advanced analog card, new Wi-Fi card, etc.).

• 5-year warranty
• Updating of new USB, Ethernet and new DSP inputs: less than €2,000 inc. V.A.T.
• Replacement of the HDMI daughter card with a new DUET V5 card with new USB and Ethernet inputs and a new signal processing unit ready for room correction and new active filtering options

And in all cases:

• New rear connector panel
• Optical TOSLink to optical 3.5 mm hybrid jack adapter
• Complete cleaning of the product
• New packaging
• Delivery of transport packaging, + home collection, + home delivery by Fedex or UPS

Regardless of the selected update, HDMI connectors are removed and one of the optical TOSlink connectors is replaced with an optical 3.5 mm hybrid jack. An adapter is supplied with the update. D-Amp cards, with the digital amplifiers, remain unchanged.

Source: Devialet