CEDIA 2009 Coverage

September 14, 2009

Moon by Simaudio[/url]

Simaudio had a good size booth with a lot of products displayed. Fit and finish were beyond reproach.

First up are the CD.5 (top) CD player and i.5 (bottom) 40 watts/channel at 8 ohms integrated amplifier. These are Moon’s entry level components.

Next up is the new Moon 3000 24-bit/192kHz upsampling DAC. If I recall correctly, its USB input is limited to 16-bit/44.1kHz but they are working on improving it to accept up to 24-bit/96kHz. It has both balanced and unbalanced analog outputs.


And then there are Moons statement pieces – the Moon CP-8 (top) surround sound preamp/processor which is HDMI 1.3a compatible and decodes all surround sound formats, the Moon HDS-8 (middle) 5-in/1-out HDMI switcher, and the behemoth Moon MC-8 (bottom) amplifier which can be configured for 2 to 7 channels and is capable of producing up to 1000 watts RMS per channel. By all accounts, the CP-8′s HDMI implementation works without hiccups. It may be the surround sound processor to beat.


Finally, a step up from their entry level stereo components are the Moon i.3.3 (top) integrated amplifier which has USB, coaxial and optical digital inputs as well as a phone preamp, and which supplies 100 watts/channel at 8 ohms, and the CD3.3 (bottom) 24-bit/192kHz upsampling CD player.

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