Burmester 082 Integrated Amplifier

May 27, 2013


Sujesh Pavithran has posted a review of the Burmester 082 integrated amplfier ($15,995) at audiofi.net. His conclusions:

“A fine amp for both audio and lifestyle enthusiasts, the Burmester 082 is the sort of component you’ll stick into the system and forget about. Partnered with the right ancillaries – and I’m thinking it won’t be as fussy as some – it delivers an overall sonic performance can rightly be described as alluring.

If you’re looking at a high-end amp in a single-box and you’re heavy on the jazz, classical and acoustic recordings, the 082 should be high on your shopping list. It’s as German as they come, and with a heart-warming presentation.”

You can read the full review here.