Bob Carver LLC Black Beauty 305 Monoblocks

March 25, 2012

Terry London has posted a review of the Bob Carver LLC Black Beauty 305 monoblocks ($12,900/pair) at HomeTheaterReview. His conclusions:

“If you’re looking for a pair of mono block tube amps that can drive any speaker load, offer some flexibility at changing their overall sound by just flipping a toggle switch, use a long lasting power tube and are built to a high standard, then put the 305 Black Beauty Vacuum Tube Mono Block on your audition list. The only caveat is how sensitive you might be to its somewhat closed-in high-end presentation. If that part of the sonic spectrum works for you, then you will enjoy the rest of Bob Carver’s LLC Black Beauty 305 Vacuum Tube Mono Block’s performance.”

You can read the full review here.