Blue Circle Audio Li’l703 Phono Stage

December 19, 2012

John Crossett has posted a review of the Blue Circle Audio Li’l703 phono stage ($2000) at The Audio Beat. His conclusions:

“Don’t let the scaled-down size of the Li’l703 fool you into thinking that it represents a compromise. Gilbert Yeung would never allow such a product to leave his bench. For many a listener, the small footprint and two-box format will be positives. Unless you simply can’t accept a piece of gear that isn’t of traditional size (I’m guessing that would be for emotional reasons, as no other objections make sense), then the Li’l703 may well rock your boat. It offers far greater sonic performance than its diminutive dimensions suggest, and does so with both finesses and power. No, it’s not perfect — if such a beast exists anywhere — but it offers a beguiling combination of strengths that may have you reaching for your checkbook, while your mind is already imagining the hours you’re about to spend listening to its vivid presentation.

Once again, Blue Circle’s Gilbert Yeung has demonstrated that if an idea has merit, he can find a way to make it work. The Li’l703 was just what the doctor ordered for one customer, and after listening to it you might be asking for the same prescription.”

You can read the full review here.