Benchmark Showcases New AHB2 Stereo Power Amplifier

January 26, 2014


Benchmark Media is showcasing an improved version of their new AHB2 stereo power amplifier at the National Association of Music Merchants Show (NAMM) in Anaheim, CA. The AHB2 stereo power amplifier introduces advances in power amplifier design with new patented technology that eliminates most sources of distortion while extending the dynamic range well beyond that of most high-end amplifiers according to the company. After the initial company reviews, Benchmark has made additional improvements to the binding posts on the rear plate and relocated the connectors for ease of use. The final stages of product testing are nearing completion. The dynamic range of the AHB2 approaches 130dB, making it 10 to 30 dB quieter than the typical audiophile power amplifier. Benefits are said to be the ability to produce nuances, dynamics, and detail in your favorite recordings and experience the full potential of the latest high-resolution 24-bit PCM and 1-bit DSD audio formats. To quote Benchmark Media, “THX recently patented two new technologies that address crossover distortion, and Benchmark incorporated these innovations into the AHB2 design. These new innovations virtually eliminate crossover distortion while offering opportunities to improve efficiency, damping, and dynamic range. The licensed technology solves the crossover problem by combining a plurality of output stages such that one stage drives the output while another stage enters a crossover region. Distortion performance exceeds that of class A amplifiers, while the efficiency exceeds that of traditional class AB amplifiers.

Source: Press Release