Benchmark Media Systems DAC2 HGC

December 4, 2013


Steven Plaskin has posted a review of the Benchmark Media Systems DAC2 HGC ($1999) at AudioStream. His conclusions:

“This is the first DAC I have reviewed for AudioStream that is priced under $6,000. While my initial expectations were not great, I was surprised at the level of sonic and functional performance offered by the DAC2 HGC. The DAC2 HGC was a pleasure to listen to with PCM and especially with native DSD files. Its acoustic honesty and functional precision was easily observed and appreciated. No doubt, John Siau and his team have designed a DAC that does not have to make any apologies to DACs costing considerably more. At its price of $1,995, I consider the DAC2 HGC to be a solid value.”

You can read the full review here.