Avid Pellar Phono Stage

August 22, 2012

” Avid Audio, which designs and manufactures all its products in Great Britain, (just recently in a brand new factory near Huntingdon) has released a new entry-level phono stage called the Pellar. ‘Entry level the Pellar may be, but this single box solution sets a new level of performance at this competitive price level and will allow more people to enjoy the benefits of owning an Avid product,’ said John Ong, of National Audio Group, which distributes Avid in Australia. ‘The Pellar has been designed from the knowledge Avid gained developing its renowned Pulsus and shares many of the same components. Despite its internal power supply, the noise levels are ultra-quiet: more than 81dB down when using a moving-magnet cartridge.’

The RIAA phono circuitry is completely passive and incorporates Neumann high-frequency correction. The Pellar caters for both moving-magnet (MM) and moving-coil (MC) phono cartridges, via gold-plated RCA inputs. The default resistance value is set to 47kΩ, making it ideal for most moving-magnet cartridges, but an additional set of RCA connectors allows the resistance values to be tailored to any desired value via the use of external resistors; so all cartridge types can be accommodated to ensure a frequency response of 5Hz–70kHz ±0.5dB. There are three gain options for MM, and low- and high-gain MC cartridges, all set via easy-to-access but safely recessed switches on the underside of the Pellar’s all-metal chassis. ‘In common with all Avid’s phono stages, the new Pellar offers impressive headroom, and distortion across the audio spectrum is exceptionally low,’ Ong told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. Available now, the Avid Pellar retails in Australia for $1,075.

Manufacturer Specifications

• Noise: >–81/–67dB (MM/MC)
• Distortion: <0.001%
• Frequency Response: 5Hz–70kHz ±0.5dB
• Gain: 48/60/70dB
• Resistance loading: 47kΩ or Custom
• Capacitance loading: 100pf
• Power supply: Internal regulated with 24VA transformer
• Dimensions: 120×230×70mm (WDH)
• Weight: 1.6kg
• RRP: $1,075"

Source: AVHub