Audio Tekne TEA 8695 Phonostage, TFA 9501 Preamplifier, TM 8801 Power Amplifiers

February 27, 2016


Marek Dyba has posted a review of the TEA 8695 phono stage (€69,000), TFA 9501 preamplifier (€69,000), and TM 8801 power amplifiers (€60,000/pair) at Positive Feedback. His conclusions:

“I tried to find at least one record that would sound not so good on the AudioTekne system and I failed. High quality, audiophile recordings sounded amazingly well, probably better then ever. When it came to playing records of lesser quality AT setup did not try to sugar-coat their flaws but focused on delivering involving musical experience rich with true emotions.”

You can read the full review here.