Audio Philar Isolation Platform

September 26, 2014


Marcin Olszewski has posted a review of the Audio Philar isolation platform (~€500) at SoundRebels. His conclusions:

“Summing up this test I hope I did convey the main aspect of those, very attractive in visual aspects, and also absolutely effective, Audio Philar anti-vibration furniture. Both the rack – Platform Line Double III as well as the platform Double Model “sound” just like they look – very elegant, with a congenital, genetic nobleness. Without unneeded tinsel, without upping the frequency band edges, without sharpening/dulling they emphasize on calmness and cleanness of the sound. This does not only improve the comfort of listening, but also allows feasting our eyes with the beautiful form so rarely encountered in our audio world. A sincere recommendation!”

You can read the full review here.