Audio Music R-T1 Preamplifier

July 28, 2013


Srajan Ebaen has posted a review of the Audio Music R-T1 preamplifier (£4250) at 6moons. His conclusions:

“The R-T1 should be of particular interest to people of either hi-eff systems where deep attenuation is the order of the day; or those who routinely listen quietly but presently belabour a significant loss of substance whenever they do. Here the transformer-based volume controls excel at maximizing drive at very low signal voltages. It really was just a matter of time. Reference Chi-Fi has arrived. Audio Music’s R-T1 TVC valve preamp belongs into the top echelon of performance as do its assembly and finish quality. It might take a few more years for this new reality to sink in. The few adventurous souls open-minded enough to already give this machine an audition should simply agree that this future is here now!…”

You can read the full review here.