Audience to Unveil New WavePower Amplifier

May 15, 2013


Marking one of the most significant product introductions in the company’s history, Audience will debut its all-new WavePower mono power amplifier at T.H.E. Show: Newport in California (May 31 – June 2). The WavePower amplifier incorporates newly developed Ncore Class D technology from Hypex Electronics and a host of Audience refinements to offer a genuine breakthrough in amplifier performance.

Audience will also be demonstrating the production version of its ClairAudient 1 + 1 loudspeaker as part of a complete audio system incorporating the WavePower amp, Audience Au24 SE interconnects and speaker cables and other components. Audience will be exhibiting at the Atrium Hotel: Orange County Airport, Irvine, CA in room 326.

The Hypex Ncore technology at the heart of the Audience WavePower represents a completely new, proprietary implementation of Class D amplifier technology to deliver greater retrieval of sonic information and extraordinary resolution, with extremely low THD, IMD, noise and output impedance. The WavePower amp also incorporates a matching Hypex switching power supply, an Audience-designed input amplifier, new Audience-exclusive AIT1 input transformers and new Audience “SE”-class custom-made XLR and RCA connectors. It delivers 650 watts into 4 ohms, 1,200 watts into 2 ohms.

Additional features include all-Audience Auric OFCC point-to-point internal wiring, built-in Audience TS-class power conditioning, WBT NextGen binding posts, a Neutrik® powerCON connector and other refinements.

“In all my years of designing and listening to electronics, I’ve never heard anything like this new amplifier, which delivers absolutely immaculate, pristine audio quality,” said John McDonald, president of Audience. “I’m tremendously excited about the WavePower and I think anyone who hears it will know it’s something special.”

Recipient of Greatest Bargain and Best Sound (highest value) accolades from The Absolute Sound in its 2013 Consumer Electronics Show report, the ClairAudient 1+1 is a compact speaker that delivers expansive sound. It utilizes two of Audience’s A3-S full-range drivers in the front and rear along with two side-firing passive radiators in a crossoverless design, a configuration that provides an exceptionally coherent and musically natural performance. In addition, exclusive SSIT SweetSpace TM Imaging Technology enables an expanded listening area rather than the usual single listener sweet spot.

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