Ascend Acoustics Sierra Tower Floorstanding Loudspeakers

February 29, 2012

Clarke Robinson has posted a review of the Ascend Acoustics Sierra loudspeakers ($1898/pair) at Enjoy the Music.  His conclusions:

“Ultimately, the Sierra Towers are what I would call a music lovers’ speaker. Now, I’ve never met an audiophile that was not a music lover also, but I’ve met a good deal more music lovers who are not audiophiles…they may or may not have nice equipment at home, but they don’t make a hobby out of upgrading their audio systems. These are the kind of people who get far more excited over discovering a new local band or uncovering a rare bootleg than they do finding the latest tweak that they can “hear a difference”. I’d recommend the Towers to anyone, but especially hardcore music lovers… “set it and forget it” types who don’t mind spending a little more for something great, but also don’t expect to replace it for ten or twenty years, if ever. I feel the same way about the Towers that I felt about the Sierra-1 years ago… they could satisfy for a lifetime, and could be the last speakers you ever buy.”

You can read the full review here.