Aerial Acoustics 7T Loudspeakers

March 5, 2012

Terry London has posted a review of the Aerial Acoustics 7T loudspeakers ($9850) at HomeTheaterReview. His conclusions:

“The Aerial Acoustics 7T is a landmark speaker in its price range. It easily competes with other highly-regarded floor-standing speakers in a much higher price bracket. It delivers stunning bass extension, along with effortless macro dynamics. It also produces a panoramic, layered soundstage and natural timbres. If you’re a music lover and can afford the cost of a 7T, you could make this speaker the centerpiece of your system for years to come. The 7T is a very easy load to drive, both in impedance and sensitivity. You could start with mid-level quality upstream gear that is affordable, and then keep improving the upstream components, knowing that the 7Ts will perform with higher fidelity and quality. The 7Ts also have the ability to function at optimum levels in both small and large acoustic spaces. They should easily fit into a home theater system or a dedicated two-channel rig. In terms of home theater, Aerial Acoustics offers two center channels, as well as a side and rear channel speaker that should compliment the 7T nicely.

The Aerial Acoustics 7T is the first speaker in a new generation of products for the company, and its appearance and quality is simply refreshing. The sonic performance is stunning in both objective measurements and musical terms. It will be fascinating to see how Michael Kelly takes the technological advances in drivers and baffle construction used in the 7T and applies them to other the Aerial speakers in the lineup. There is no question that good things are to come. For right now, the Aerial 7T is a winner at its price point.”

You can read the full review here.