Acurus and Aragon Lines Are Back

June 15, 2009

June 9, 2009

Acurus and Aragon Lines Are Back
Source: Press Release

After four years of inactivity two well-regarded lines of high end audio electronics are back in the marketplace. Klipsch had owned Aragon and Acurus amps, preamps and processors since 2001 and has now sold them to two Klipsch electronics engineers, Rick Santiago and Ted Moore, since deciding to concentrate their efforts entirely on their loudspeaker lines. The new owners intend to announce a new line of products in early 2010. Their amps will feature the use of class A at lower signal levels and a gradual shift to class A-B at higher levels, with ratings between 125 watts per channel and 400wpc. Acurus will be the entry-level line and Aragon the higher-priced series. The lines were originally founded by Tony Federici and Paul Rosenberg, with Mondial as the parent company.

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