Acoustic SIgnature Storm Turntable

March 3, 2012

Wojciech Pacuła has posted a review of the Acoustic Signature Storm turntable (~€4700) at High Fidelity. His conclusions:

“That’s what you need to consider when making your decision whether or not to buy this deck. The Acoustic Signature Storm is a very well, truly professionally made product. The company also offers great customer service – for this review I needed a couple of additional things that had to be both posted and e-mailed to me, and the response from the Customer Service was very fast. Some of our Readers who own turntables from this company confirm its great Customer Service (reviewers sometimes might be treated better than customers). I don’t need to tell you that Customer Service is a key element of each high-end company. The one of Acoustic Signature is exemplary.

The sound of this turntable is precise and accurate – simply “solid”. It’s not exactly what is usually called analogue. As VinylMagic proves, such turntable can serve as a precise, reliable tool. Each potential owner needs to decide on his own whether this is “his sound” or not. But I could say the same about every audio product… ”

You can read the full review here.